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Posted on 17 Apr 2019

My name is Aizan Fahri, a virology/immunology PhD candidate at David H. Smith Center for Vaccine Biology & Immunology, University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). I am currently a 4th year graduate student in Immunology, Microbiology, and Virology (PhD) program, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The formative event that inspired me to pursue this path was when I took the virology course when I was an undergraduate at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester NY. I always tell people that my motivation to study viruses due to the fact that viruses are evil, knowing them means knowing ourselves too.

I graduated from RIT on May 19th, 2017 with a Magna Cum Laude, a fancy Greek’s way of saying my CGPA is above 3.6 and it literally translates into “with great distinction”. I thank my sponsor, the government of Malaysia, for allowing me to study in the States for my undergraduate education. At the URMC, I am being sponsored generously by the University itself.

My hobby is photography, digital sketching (mostly with Inkscape), and writing. I am the least active member at Amanz Media (, mostly writing about biology/science/tech. This is simply saying that if my vocation to be a bench scientist doesn’t work out, I can be a science/tech writer.

If you wish to connect with me, I am pretty responsive via Twitter (@aixnr).

About This Blog

CaspershireNet was launched back in 2014 (if I remember correctly). The name was inspired by a blogging platform called Ghost, which I am no longer using nowadays in favor of something much simpler, the Hugo. CaspershireNet has a sister blog called MetaCS.

CaspershireNet houses my long-form articles with less concentration on technical writing. Whereas, my MetaCS is where I jot down my technical notes about everything in biological science and information technology. As I said above, writing is my hobby and I stand by this motto:

A scribe’s lust pens the world’s words.

I hope you enjoy my (somewhat) critical thoughts on CaspershireNet.

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