Loft of an Eldritch Metaphor

under the blistering sun, my tummy is a void

Posted on 11 Jul 2015

I drag my feet everyday to the campus, to the faculty building, to the Gosnell College of Science, under the scalding scathing blistering searing hot sun. Okay that is a hyperbole. Sometimes it is rainy. Sometimes the wind sends it hug to make a sun less of a sun, rendering it to be a cute bright yellow-ish object in the middle of cloudy sky.

By looking at the (digital, internet-connected, touch-based) thermometer, it says 22 degree Celsius at 10:17 AM (as of writing). My friends in Malaysia would be perplexed because 25 degree Celsius the whole country would let loose a cry tweeting that global warming has taken another turn to cool down for a little while, but I assure you temperature is relative. At 10 degree Celsius in autumn our hearts are filled with joy being cuddled with soft and windy breeze. But once it got somewhere near 25 degree Celsius, it is summer that will burn your skin, and also making your tummy grumpier than ever.

A sloth came here last year, first-bumped me because we shared the same trait (sleeping 32 hours per day). All I did was playing Minecraft, screwing up my sleep cycle, and found myself figuring out whether I still had jet lag or not, because I lost the concept of time (except when it was about to eat dinner at 9 PM, the time for iftar).

But now, everyday the tarmac is witnessing my legs triumphing over the struggle, and I keep winning everyday. Morning at 10 AM, a twelve-minute walking (on average) brings me from the door of my house to the door of the labs that I am working at, and each time I open the refrigerator I swear I always has this illusory hallucination of seeing chemicals being syrup, rice pudding, and chicken gravy.

all the chemicals

The day passes having phases of sun shining the sky with iridescent light, with it being less of a threat when it is about 5 PM. I walk back home. Too exhausted, everyday I find myself in the embrace of the comfy bed, and time passes really quickly till it is about 8:30 PM, few minutes left before iftar (talk about convenient timing).

And that’s how basically I spend my days in Ramadan. A foreshadowing. For now.

I might write more on this.