Loft of an Eldritch Metaphor

project flock

Posted on 15 Dec 2014

A morning that I didn’t have any adjective to describe that plain morning. But at times it sparkled, at times it was just another plain morning. A typical snowy Rochester morning, a morning that could bother one’s sanity because the cold was insane, but behind that insanity the elegant white snow compensated the ill feeling against the nature.

I was under my blanket. It was a snowy morning. I was unsure how the world outside the cosy bed and warm blanket would be, but I knew it was something one didn’t anticipate. It was another snowy morning.

I was scratching my head in an attempt to feel the reality again, thanks to the pain and pressure receptors beneath the skin. I scrubbed my eyes in an attempt to prepare my eyes to face the reality again. And there was a plot twist. I saw a flock of birds. Still scratching my head, and the hair in my hand amassed into a ball of hair, weighed like a stone.

I opened the window, threw that stone, targeting the birds… except those weren’t actually birds.

Books! Flying books! Effing flying books!

The stone hit one of the books, swaying left and right, landing straight on my face. The impact was huge enough to make me realize that the previous reality wasn’t a reality, because flying books didn’t exist.

And this time I actually woke up, crying out of pain, because my Kindle dropped on my face, and I was thankful it wasn’t iPad. iPad is heavier, y’know? It took a moment for me to gain back my foothold in this real reality. I took a moment to scan my room. Piles of books there and there, and no no no please don’t fly.

Or I would have a bad day with naughty eyes and a disfunctioning brain.


Actually, books can fly. Enter, Project Flock.

I was thinking a better way to celebrate birthdays, because wishing on FB or Twitter only is way too mainstream. I want to promote the culture of reading as well. So why I don’t I train the books to fly?

Thanks to Amazon, the price f books are relatively cheap. Thanks to Amazon Prime, the 2-day shipping option is F.O.C at the expense of $49/year Amazon Prime Student. My books have gone as far as crossing the Atlantic ocean.

project flock spreadsheet

I want to replicate that. It feels good.